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Char Coal | Tandoor Grill & Mixology

Char Coal | Tandoor Grill & Mixology

In late 2013 Rohit Sachdev, managing director of Soho Hospitality reassembled the team responsible for Above Eleven to embark upon a new project. As an Indian, he’s always had a passion for the indigenous food of home and was inspired to inject a new energy into Indian dining. The Soho Hospitality team set out to focus on an area of the Indian restaurant menu that rarely gets much emphasis while at the same time reinvigorating and enhancing the entire experience.

Rohit and his team dared to steer away from the norm, putting the emphasis on ‘fun’ dining, rather than ‘fine’ dining; using the same DNA that gives Above Eleven its buzz to create a unique, new Indian dining experience that’s visceral, sensual and exciting.

Soho Hospitality proudly presents Charcoal, where delicious kebabs are suffused with all the authentic aromas and secrets of traditional tandoori cooking, delivered in a sleek, modern, vibrant and social environment.

It’s an intoxicating combination of centuries old recipes with creative mixology and industrial décor; the colours, fragrances, sights and sounds converge to produce a memorable new encounter with historic cuisine

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